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Welcome to the SBARC Website

The SBARC is open to all licensed Amateur Radio Operators, and those with an interest in Amateur Radio. Part of our mission is to provide radio communications to the City of San Bruno in a time of need. We operate the radio room at City Hall, and other designated locations. We have monthly meetings, where we discuss Amateur Radio topics and other related items. We participate in training exercises and drills. Occasionally, we have social dinner meetings with other clubs.

We continually strive to expand our knowledge of Radio Science, and promote fellowship among Amateur Radio Operators.

Please consider joining our club.

Walt Long, KG6EDY
SBARC President

When do we get together

The San Bruno Amateur Radio Club has a regular monthly meeting on the first Monday of each month* at 6:30 p.m. normally in the San Bruno City Hall Operations Center.

The meeting is open to all those who are interested in Ham radio. You don't need to be licensed to belong to the SBARC or to attend our meetings.

Due to COVID-19 our next meeting on Monday, February 7 @ 6:30PM will be a Zoom meeting. If you would like to attend, use our contact form to request a link to our meeting.

*If the first Monday is a national holdiay, then the meeting is held on the following Monday.

Find us on the air

Mondays* at 7:30 p.m. Pacific(1930 HRS) the club conducts nets on:

  1. WA6TOW 146.925 -0.6 MHZ 114.8
  2. K6PVJ 440.550 +5.0 MHZ 114.8 HZ
  3. 146.595 Simplex

The purpose of nets like this is to test equipment and locations around San Bruno as well as a chance to stay in touch with other club members. Visitors are always welcome to check in.

To see a list of other local nets on the air check here.

*except national holidays

What do Hams do

Amateur radio enthusiasts (Hams) come with a variety of interests. There are those who want to help their local communities in time of need. Others embrace the technology and want to try different methods of communication. Others are builders who like the challenge of building their own equipment including new and better antennas. Some want to test their skills through competitions to see how far their signals go and how many different contacts they can make. Almost all enjoy the chance to "rag chew" or just reach out and enjoy a good conversation over the airwaves.

The fact is there is no single description that works to describe all Hams except an appreciation of a valuable resource-the airways.

So you want to become a Ham

Amateur Radio is a very rewarding hobby, but it's also one of the few hobbies that require a license. Every Ham operating today has passed a license exam that allows them to be granted a license from the Federal Communications Commission (the FCC).

The good news is it's very doable and particularly since the requirement to learn Morse code was dropped in 2007. And it's a hobby for all ages. The youngest known Ham in the United States was a young lady of 5 1/2. That's amazing, but it should be reassuring that all the family can join in this hobby.

Today, there are three license classes: The Technician, General and the Amateur Extra Class. With each class the operator gains more privileges in using the available airwaves.

Let's get started toward that Ham license here.

Ham resources

Times have changed. Once the types of information that we needed to learn or just to get help figuring things out was hard to find and limited. That's why we're trying to take a broader look at how to present "resources" on our website.

For instance a Ham club that shares its city with the headquarters of YouTube would be remiss to overlook the abundance of content that is on their site.

For that reason we are going to feature on our home page and inside pages video selections that could be helpful to Hams from beginner to advanced as well as customary links to important websites, podcasts and documents of importance.
A very simple explanation as to how antennas work.  
For more videos check Here   

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